A New Mission

Seeing just 2 drake hatchlings making a meal out of their dead parent, the party decided to slaughter every drake around. The two hatchlings proved no match for the brawn of Bael and Exarcun. This angered the remaining adult drake, however.

Through quick movements and stealthy tactics, the drake attacked the party from outside the airship bay. The acidic smoke filling the airship bay made breathing difficult. Oscar had no trouble brewing up a gust of wind to blow the smoke away.

His cover gone and a threat noticed, the drake took on another strategy. The drake flew through the bay and divebombed Oscar, tossing him on his ass. Oscar took this opportunity to stir the air around him, blocking flight through the bay. The drake divebombed Oscar again, looking to take him into the forest. The drake didn’t realize what Oscar did, however, and biffed his approached smashing tremendously into the wall of the airship bay.

Exarcun and Bael took this opportunity and charged the downed drake. They attacked it relentlessly, ignoring the two hatchlings launching acid at them. The drake hatchlings, finding their acidic spit to be ineffective, dive bombed Exarcun and Bael. Through the distraction, the adult drake caught Bael and swallowed him whole.

With a quick thrust of his sword, Bael pierced the drake’s stomach and was immediately vomited out. The two hatchlings charged Oscar as he prepared a large spell. With a flourish of elegance, Oscar summoned a torrential blast of wind turning the once beautiful drake into a mash of meat and bones. The two drake hatchlings took Oscar’s exhaustion as an opportunity and made a meal out of his intestines. Exarcun and Bael made easy work of the two hatchlings and ran Oscar back to Gough for medical attention.

Again at the wall, the same woman teleported down from the wall and teleported Oscar to the infirmary. The night passed as she healed Oscar with magic. The rest of the group got mundane healing from some of the nurses standing around after Oscar was in stable condition.

Morning brought Olivia to scold Oscar over his foolish actions. Margareth made herself at home, snuggled up next to Bael for hours. When Elysia finally spoke, it was apparent she was unhappy about something and blamed the party. An argument quickly broke out between Bael and Elysia. Elysia blamed the party for the destruction of Varkund. Bael’s response was not well received by Olivia.



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