Don't Argue with a Woman

It came to a surprise to everyone when it was discovered Tessa was not only Artero’s daughter, but Kenzo and Sharyn’s granddaughter as well. Tessa had displayed a potential magical affinity that created a cause for concern in the party.

However, Sharyn would have nothing of it. Kenzo and Sharyn came into town to talk with their son about the damaged lumbersaw. They all came to Elysia’s Tavern to collect Tessa. A huge argument broke out between Sharyn and the rest of the party. Sharyn felt disrespected and angry that the party would destroy their livelihood and work after the hospitality she expressed to them. The party need Sharyn to listen to them, as Tessa’s safety was the first priority.

After much was said, the group came to an agreement and it was decided the family would travel in the safety of the party. Artero and Mike were able to hobble the engine back together. With some fuel (and a new crossbow!!) obtained from Farmer Odalu Pilotte, the party was able to move the airship north, past the forest they landed in previously.

Though, the night did not pass silently. Orange and red lights emblazoned the southern sky. Columns of smoke blocked out an otherwise starry sky. Magic was a definate culprit, the energy being summoned could be felt even a days travel away.



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