Flight of the Swift Escape

It was easy going to get the goliaths out of the engine room after Imp killed the man he was attempting to help. The engine was fixed with a crappy Eziam extractor; Mike pocketed the working one from the engine. The Official Bobby would fly, but not for long. The party decided to quickly flee the scene before the Ona had her first test flight. After another nightly repair, Mike launched the airship with the rising sun.

The party flew south towards Gough. Mike assured everyone that they did in fact have enough fuel to make it. They flew over Varkund and witnessed the wreckage that was caused. The once peaceful village was torn asunder. Embers still crackled from the destroyed buildings. Of the 200 or so buildings in the town, only Elysia’s Tavern stood. Elysia and Margereth were strapped to wooden stakes. Beaten, battered and close to starvation, the party took Elysia and Margereth on board.

The rest of the flight was rather uneventful, until they reached the Gauntlet leading to the Airship bay. Hillshire Forest is a dangerous place. The trees stand 300+ feet tall and act as a dual canopy for the forest, as well as a natural barricade to anyone wanting to assualt the Airship Bay.

Through many near misses and quick flying, the Swift Escape broke through the last leg and crossed the 75’ tall wall leading to the bay. The bay, however, was completely empty. Not thinking much of it, the party landed the airship and began tearing down not knowing of the creature in waiting.

The battle with the Forest Drake was long and hard. Mike was swallowed whole and partially digested. The party made good work of the Drake and Ere took the opportunity to harvest materials from the dead carcass.



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