Hot Pursuit

Airship Battle

The party spent some time in the Hillshire exploring the farming villages for children with magical potential. During their time, they caught the attention of the Military and were forced to flee on their airship and where quickly followed by The Offical Bobby.

Anxious for battle, Bael quickly jumped ship and boarded the enemy vessel. Even though he was surrounded, he made quick work of anyone attempting to use the cannon. The Priest on board began summoning a storm as the Magus threw about The Boothe like a rag doll.

Finally, Bubbles was able to get a shot off and took out the pilot of The Official Bobby. The captain seemed quite upset by this, screaming the mans name and holding his dead body. The Priest finished his spell and blasted his own vessel, throwing Exarkun and Bael from the ship and crashing a short time after.

The Boothe took heavy damage during the battle. It’ll take several days to fix and some alchemic parts. Mike landed the craft in the canopy of a small forest just on the outskirts of a town.



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