Jacking Lumber

After landing in the forest canopy, it was clear the Swift Escape needed repairing. Oscar quickly threw a veil around the airship, protecting it from sight. The party proceeded south, towards the closest town and away from their pursuers.

Before going too far, the party was accosted by a felled Elder Tree. Bubbles, Mike, and Exarkun all darted for safety while Bael and Oscar proceeded to determine what or who felled the massive tree. Oscar and Bael came across two lumberjacks, Kenzo Metza and Eckartt the Cruel, and their Lumbersaw.

The Lumbersaw’s defining feature is it’s 5’ serrated disk that rotates on an arm. The Lumbersaw has 2 massive wheels and a chain hitch used to drag the felled Elder Trees from the forest, if at a snail’s pace.

The party took Kenzo’s offer of lodging for the evening. Kenzo has mistaken Exarkun for the Party’s enslaved Keebler Elf. It was also discovered that Kenzo’s son was the Alchemical Engineer who built the Lumbersaw. Mike let it slip that he had an airship which Kenzo jumped at. Turns out his son is currently attempting to build an airship!

Kenzo’s questions would not stop, until Oscar mentioned they were from the Free Order. Kenzo’s personality changed quite rapidly. After praising the party for their revolutionary work, he kindly requested the party leave his home. He did not want the wrath of the Enlightened to befall his family.

Again, the party split apart. Bael and Oscar made camp for the evening, while Exarkun, Bubbles and Mike stripped the Lumbersaw of anything useful and camped the rest of the evening in the airship. Not long after sunrise, Oscar and Bael were greeted by the loud profanity of Kenzo!



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