Seeking Parts

The emblazoned night sky did little to disturb the party’s rest. In the morning, they searched for the crash site of the Official Bobby. They were quite surprised to see that the crash site was missing something quite important: The Official Bobby.

The site was full of wooden debri, but nothing that would be helpful in repairing the Swift Escape. At the site, however, was Imp, the midget goliath. After a brief conversation, it was determined that Imp had a few screws loose and was part of the Goliath Highwaymen. The party quickly convinced Imp to take them to the head of the bandits.

Imp showed them first the way to the Official Bobby, where a team of goliaths were frantically trying to repair the damaged vessel, and then to the Highwaymen Hideout. There, they met the leader of the Goliath Highwaymen, (INSERT NAME HERE). It was agreed that the party would help repair the Official Bobby and in return they will receive the assistance they need to repair their own vessel (I think…).

Upon returning to the Official Bobby in the morning, the site was a mess. Two goliaths were repaired directly in the engine room. The engine has been beat to shit. The inflatable balloons that provide lift were still in shreds. However, the hull appeared stable and the carpentry the goliaths displayed on the vessel was rather astonishing, all things considered.



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