The Town of Gough

After making quick work of the Drake, the party headed towards Gough. When they reached the gate in the 100’ wall, Bael’s Magus Bracelet set off the perimeter alarms. The 10 guards on the wall immediately began channeling powerful spells, prepared to smote anyone coming close to the gate.

Someone noticed the party, however, and the spells were held at the ready. A wall of earth blocked their path towards the gate. The party mentioned their injured companions from Varkund and that they retrieved Tessa and her family. At this, a woman teleported from teh top of the tower down to check on Elysia and Margereth. After quickly stating they will live, she teleported again with Tessa’s family, Margereth and Elysia in tow leaving the party with Darug to face.

After a few more minutes, the party was finally allowed to enter Gough under the supervision of Darug. Darug took them to see Misha, the leader of Gough. The party explained who they brought, why they brought them, and everything they learned so far. Misha, surprised that Bael was able to survive the Severing, was intrigued and asked for Bael’s help in retrieving an unused Collar for research. “If we can figure out how to break the connection without killing the casters, we can save even more lives,” Misha stated.

Things were not well for the party, however, as they were informed they parked the Swift Escape in the Drake’s Nest. And of course, when the party went to retrieve the Swift Escape it was already surrounded by the rest of the Drake Clutch.



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