Ere Bubbles



1) S: Find better reagents for weapon
2) M: Save people from the trials consistently
3) M: Gain the ability to create rounds other than damage
4) M: Visit the dark elf homeland
5) L: To be able to stop the Trials


Born an albino to a human family, it was my sister who displayed arcane powers at a young age. Not wanting their daughter taken by the trials, my parents escaped to the Free Order where we have lived since. Sarah, my sister, has always looked down on me with pity due to my lack of arcane power. However, my lack of arcane power has not prevented others from mistaking my albinoism for being arcane.

Ricking Conflict:

After joining the Free Order, I started training with a master there. For 7 years he taught me the Art of the Shadows. While in training, I followed my master on several missions to gather information about the Trials and save the families that would have been separated by those trials.

First Adventure:

When Bubbles’s final test from his master is to rescue an arcane family without his assistance, he comes across a family of Dark Elves. How will he get the family of Dark Elves out of the city when the Trials come early?

When Bael’s group arrives early to conduct the Trials, he spots Bublles helping a family to escape. Chasing them down he captures the parents but fails to capture Bubbles or the children. The family being useless, Bael let them go against the better judgement of his peers.

Exarkun had been following Bubbles for some time. Exarkun was able to quickly gain the trust of the Dark Elf family, being a Dark Elf himself. He was able to question the family over their few days together on what it meant to be a Dark Elf in this society. When the Trials came early, Exarkun and the Parents sacrificed themselves to buy time for Bubbles and the children to escape. Exarkun was able to escape Bael’s grasp, however the Parents were not.

First Guest Star:

When unexplained things start happening around Bael, he realizes the Bracelet is the source. Will Bael learn to harness the energies before they rip him apart?

On Bubble’s second mission he ran into the same soldier who captured and released the parents of his first rescue. This time, however, the magus was alone. After a long conversation, Bubbles understood the pain that Bael has felt and the remorse he has for his actions. Bubbles offered to take Bael to join the order and stop the madness.

Mike took a liking to Bael, seeing him as a font of knowledge on the Magus and their magical artifacts. Mike wanted Bael’s bracelet so he could study what makes it work. Bael, Bael informed Mike that the bracelet would not function without a collar, and a collared. The two agreed on aquiring a Bracelet and Collar for Mike’s research. Maybe he could find a way of breaking the bond without killing the Collared.

Second Guest Star:

When Oscar passes his final test and becomes a Shard, he is given his first mission to rescue a family from the Trials. However, will his magic and wit be enough to escape undetected when the Trials begin prematurely?

While in the town, Exarkun met Oscar and Bubbles from a recommendation by Mike. Needing additional help, Oscar agreed to pay for Exarkun’s services to rescue the children.

Gough had hired Bubbles to assist Oscar in rescuing a family. With Bubble’s help, they were able to move the family out of the town during the middle of the trial without anyone taking notice.

Ere Bubbles

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