Mike Swift


1) S: Improve Airship
2) M: Find Co-pilot
3) L: Free collared


Born to a Noble Family, Mike was raised in Arcanum (the capital city). He had a fascination with Alchemy from a very young age. After seeing his first Airship, it was always a dream to pilot one.

Rising Conflict

Pursuing his lofty goals of piloting an airship, Mike began a friendship with the engineers of another nobles Airship. His family did not approve of his actions and berated him constantly. Mike learned enough from the engineers and his own tinkering that he made his own airship.

First Adventure

When Mike witnesses a Trial for the first time, his heart sank as the family was torn apart. Will Mike be able to rescue the family from the clutches of the Magus and Clergy?

Oscar was already in the city. A few days before the Trials started he had found a family with 2 children that had the power. However, the Trials came heavier than expected. Mike made a scene that started an uprising of the citizens which was the perfect distraction for them to flee in the airship.

Now that Bael works against the Magus, he tells the group of a Trial that is about to occur in a neighboring village. This is what brought Oscar to the city. Bael proves himself to the group by assisting them fully in their escape.

First Guest Star

When Exarkun is disowned by his family, he decides to explore the world to see society for himself. However, will he be able to integrate into a society that believed his existence to be a fairy tale?

Mike met Exarkun at a Brothel where Exarkun appeared very out of place. Oscar being the only person that didn’t want to sleep with Exarkun, Exarkun approached him for information. They had a long conversation over the state of the world. Exarkun made the decision to follow Mike to assist in the battle against the Priests.

Mike brought Exarkun back to the Airship to talk with Oscar. After some convincing and money changing hands, Exarkun agreed to follow the group and assist in their rescue missions.

Second Guest Star

When unexplained things start happening around Bael, he realizes the Bracelet is the source. Will Bael learn to harness the energies before they rip him apart?

On Bubble’s second mission he ran into the same soldier who captured and released the parents of his first rescue. This time, however, the magus was alone. After a long conversation, Bubbles understood the pain that Bael has felt and the remorse he has for his actions. Bubbles offered to take Bael to join the order and stop the madness.

Mike took a liking to Bael, seeing him as a font of knowledge on the Magus and their magical artifacts. Mike wanted Bael’s bracelet so he could study what makes it work. Bael, Bael informed Mike that the bracelet would not function without a collar, and a collared. The two agreed on aquiring a Bracelet and Collar for Mike’s research. Maybe he could find a way of breaking the bond without killing the Collared.

Mike Swift

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