Oscar Karthu


1) S: Find new magic to learn
2) M: Move up in rank of the Free Order
3) M: Strike out at the Trials successfully
4) L: End the slavery
5) L: Become an accomplished magician

  1. High Concept: Shard of the Order
  2. Trouble: Don’t worry, I’ve got this
  3. Background: Olivia’s teachings
  4. Rising Action: On borrowed time
  5. First Adventure: Help from friends
  6. First Guest Star: Forgive and Forget
  7. Second Guest Star: Face of the Order

Born in the village of Gough, I showed magical potential by age 4. Olivia took me as an apprentice and trained me in the subtle uses of magic.

Rising Conflict

During my training to become a shard, Olivia took me on one of the rescue missions. Sadly, the Priests made it there before us. We could do nothing but watch helplessly as the Priests collared the pair of unlucky children.

First Adventure

When Oscar passes his final test and becomes a Shard, he is given his first mission to rescue a family from the Trials. However, will his magic and wit be enough to escape undetected when the Trials begin prematurely?

While in the town, Exarkun met Oscar and Bubbles from a recommendation by Mike. Needing additional help, Oscar agreed to pay for Exarkun’s services to rescue the children.

Gough had hired Bubbles to assist Oscar in rescuing a family. With Bubble’s help, they were able to move the family out of the town during the middle of the trial without anyone taking notice.

First Guest Star

When Mike witnesses a Trial for the first time, his heart sank as the family was torn apart. Will Mike be able to rescue the family from the clutches of the Magus and Clergy?

Oscar was already in the city. A few days before the Trials started he had found a family with 2 children that had the power. However, the Trials came heavier than expected. Mike made a scene that started an uprising of the citizens which was the perfect distraction for them to flee in the airship.

Now that Bael works against the Magus, he tells the group of a Trial that is about to occur in a neighboring village. This is what brought Oscar to the city. Bael proves himself to the group by assisting them fully in their escape.

Second Guest Star

When Exarkun is disowned by his family, he decides to explore the world to see society for himself. However, will he be able to integrate into a society that believed his existence to be a fairy tale?

Mike met Exarkun at a Brothel where Exarkun appeared very out of place. Oscar being the only person that didn’t want to sleep with Exarkun, Exarkun approached him for information. They had a long conversation over the state of the world. Exarkun made the decision to follow Mike to assist in the battle against the Priests.

Mike brought Exarkun back to the Airship to talk with Oscar. After some convincing and money changing hands, Exarkun agreed to follow the group and assist in their rescue missions.

Oscar Karthu

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