A New Mission

Seeing just 2 drake hatchlings making a meal out of their dead parent, the party decided to slaughter every drake around. The two hatchlings proved no match for the brawn of Bael and Exarcun. This angered the remaining adult drake, however.

Through quick movements and stealthy tactics, the drake attacked the party from outside the airship bay. The acidic smoke filling the airship bay made breathing difficult. Oscar had no trouble brewing up a gust of wind to blow the smoke away.

His cover gone and a threat noticed, the drake took on another strategy. The drake flew through the bay and divebombed Oscar, tossing him on his ass. Oscar took this opportunity to stir the air around him, blocking flight through the bay. The drake divebombed Oscar again, looking to take him into the forest. The drake didn’t realize what Oscar did, however, and biffed his approached smashing tremendously into the wall of the airship bay.

Exarcun and Bael took this opportunity and charged the downed drake. They attacked it relentlessly, ignoring the two hatchlings launching acid at them. The drake hatchlings, finding their acidic spit to be ineffective, dive bombed Exarcun and Bael. Through the distraction, the adult drake caught Bael and swallowed him whole.

With a quick thrust of his sword, Bael pierced the drake’s stomach and was immediately vomited out. The two hatchlings charged Oscar as he prepared a large spell. With a flourish of elegance, Oscar summoned a torrential blast of wind turning the once beautiful drake into a mash of meat and bones. The two drake hatchlings took Oscar’s exhaustion as an opportunity and made a meal out of his intestines. Exarcun and Bael made easy work of the two hatchlings and ran Oscar back to Gough for medical attention.

Again at the wall, the same woman teleported down from the wall and teleported Oscar to the infirmary. The night passed as she healed Oscar with magic. The rest of the group got mundane healing from some of the nurses standing around after Oscar was in stable condition.

Morning brought Olivia to scold Oscar over his foolish actions. Margareth made herself at home, snuggled up next to Bael for hours. When Elysia finally spoke, it was apparent she was unhappy about something and blamed the party. An argument quickly broke out between Bael and Elysia. Elysia blamed the party for the destruction of Varkund. Bael’s response was not well received by Olivia.

The Town of Gough

After making quick work of the Drake, the party headed towards Gough. When they reached the gate in the 100’ wall, Bael’s Magus Bracelet set off the perimeter alarms. The 10 guards on the wall immediately began channeling powerful spells, prepared to smote anyone coming close to the gate.

Someone noticed the party, however, and the spells were held at the ready. A wall of earth blocked their path towards the gate. The party mentioned their injured companions from Varkund and that they retrieved Tessa and her family. At this, a woman teleported from teh top of the tower down to check on Elysia and Margereth. After quickly stating they will live, she teleported again with Tessa’s family, Margereth and Elysia in tow leaving the party with Darug to face.

After a few more minutes, the party was finally allowed to enter Gough under the supervision of Darug. Darug took them to see Misha, the leader of Gough. The party explained who they brought, why they brought them, and everything they learned so far. Misha, surprised that Bael was able to survive the Severing, was intrigued and asked for Bael’s help in retrieving an unused Collar for research. “If we can figure out how to break the connection without killing the casters, we can save even more lives,” Misha stated.

Things were not well for the party, however, as they were informed they parked the Swift Escape in the Drake’s Nest. And of course, when the party went to retrieve the Swift Escape it was already surrounded by the rest of the Drake Clutch.

Flight of the Swift Escape

It was easy going to get the goliaths out of the engine room after Imp killed the man he was attempting to help. The engine was fixed with a crappy Eziam extractor; Mike pocketed the working one from the engine. The Official Bobby would fly, but not for long. The party decided to quickly flee the scene before the Ona had her first test flight. After another nightly repair, Mike launched the airship with the rising sun.

The party flew south towards Gough. Mike assured everyone that they did in fact have enough fuel to make it. They flew over Varkund and witnessed the wreckage that was caused. The once peaceful village was torn asunder. Embers still crackled from the destroyed buildings. Of the 200 or so buildings in the town, only Elysia’s Tavern stood. Elysia and Margereth were strapped to wooden stakes. Beaten, battered and close to starvation, the party took Elysia and Margereth on board.

The rest of the flight was rather uneventful, until they reached the Gauntlet leading to the Airship bay. Hillshire Forest is a dangerous place. The trees stand 300+ feet tall and act as a dual canopy for the forest, as well as a natural barricade to anyone wanting to assualt the Airship Bay.

Through many near misses and quick flying, the Swift Escape broke through the last leg and crossed the 75’ tall wall leading to the bay. The bay, however, was completely empty. Not thinking much of it, the party landed the airship and began tearing down not knowing of the creature in waiting.

The battle with the Forest Drake was long and hard. Mike was swallowed whole and partially digested. The party made good work of the Drake and Ere took the opportunity to harvest materials from the dead carcass.

Seeking Parts

The emblazoned night sky did little to disturb the party’s rest. In the morning, they searched for the crash site of the Official Bobby. They were quite surprised to see that the crash site was missing something quite important: The Official Bobby.

The site was full of wooden debri, but nothing that would be helpful in repairing the Swift Escape. At the site, however, was Imp, the midget goliath. After a brief conversation, it was determined that Imp had a few screws loose and was part of the Goliath Highwaymen. The party quickly convinced Imp to take them to the head of the bandits.

Imp showed them first the way to the Official Bobby, where a team of goliaths were frantically trying to repair the damaged vessel, and then to the Highwaymen Hideout. There, they met the leader of the Goliath Highwaymen, (INSERT NAME HERE). It was agreed that the party would help repair the Official Bobby and in return they will receive the assistance they need to repair their own vessel (I think…).

Upon returning to the Official Bobby in the morning, the site was a mess. Two goliaths were repaired directly in the engine room. The engine has been beat to shit. The inflatable balloons that provide lift were still in shreds. However, the hull appeared stable and the carpentry the goliaths displayed on the vessel was rather astonishing, all things considered.

Don't Argue with a Woman

It came to a surprise to everyone when it was discovered Tessa was not only Artero’s daughter, but Kenzo and Sharyn’s granddaughter as well. Tessa had displayed a potential magical affinity that created a cause for concern in the party.

However, Sharyn would have nothing of it. Kenzo and Sharyn came into town to talk with their son about the damaged lumbersaw. They all came to Elysia’s Tavern to collect Tessa. A huge argument broke out between Sharyn and the rest of the party. Sharyn felt disrespected and angry that the party would destroy their livelihood and work after the hospitality she expressed to them. The party need Sharyn to listen to them, as Tessa’s safety was the first priority.

After much was said, the group came to an agreement and it was decided the family would travel in the safety of the party. Artero and Mike were able to hobble the engine back together. With some fuel (and a new crossbow!!) obtained from Farmer Odalu Pilotte, the party was able to move the airship north, past the forest they landed in previously.

Though, the night did not pass silently. Orange and red lights emblazoned the southern sky. Columns of smoke blocked out an otherwise starry sky. Magic was a definate culprit, the energy being summoned could be felt even a days travel away.

Jacking Lumber

After landing in the forest canopy, it was clear the Swift Escape needed repairing. Oscar quickly threw a veil around the airship, protecting it from sight. The party proceeded south, towards the closest town and away from their pursuers.

Before going too far, the party was accosted by a felled Elder Tree. Bubbles, Mike, and Exarkun all darted for safety while Bael and Oscar proceeded to determine what or who felled the massive tree. Oscar and Bael came across two lumberjacks, Kenzo Metza and Eckartt the Cruel, and their Lumbersaw.

The Lumbersaw’s defining feature is it’s 5’ serrated disk that rotates on an arm. The Lumbersaw has 2 massive wheels and a chain hitch used to drag the felled Elder Trees from the forest, if at a snail’s pace.

The party took Kenzo’s offer of lodging for the evening. Kenzo has mistaken Exarkun for the Party’s enslaved Keebler Elf. It was also discovered that Kenzo’s son was the Alchemical Engineer who built the Lumbersaw. Mike let it slip that he had an airship which Kenzo jumped at. Turns out his son is currently attempting to build an airship!

Kenzo’s questions would not stop, until Oscar mentioned they were from the Free Order. Kenzo’s personality changed quite rapidly. After praising the party for their revolutionary work, he kindly requested the party leave his home. He did not want the wrath of the Enlightened to befall his family.

Again, the party split apart. Bael and Oscar made camp for the evening, while Exarkun, Bubbles and Mike stripped the Lumbersaw of anything useful and camped the rest of the evening in the airship. Not long after sunrise, Oscar and Bael were greeted by the loud profanity of Kenzo!

Hot Pursuit
Airship Battle

The party spent some time in the Hillshire exploring the farming villages for children with magical potential. During their time, they caught the attention of the Military and were forced to flee on their airship and where quickly followed by The Offical Bobby.

Anxious for battle, Bael quickly jumped ship and boarded the enemy vessel. Even though he was surrounded, he made quick work of anyone attempting to use the cannon. The Priest on board began summoning a storm as the Magus threw about The Boothe like a rag doll.

Finally, Bubbles was able to get a shot off and took out the pilot of The Official Bobby. The captain seemed quite upset by this, screaming the mans name and holding his dead body. The Priest finished his spell and blasted his own vessel, throwing Exarkun and Bael from the ship and crashing a short time after.

The Boothe took heavy damage during the battle. It’ll take several days to fix and some alchemic parts. Mike landed the craft in the canopy of a small forest just on the outskirts of a town.


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